Restoring Features

WordMix may wipe out statistics and relock all features immediately after updating to version 1.5. This may happen the first time running WordMix after the update.

WordMix version 1.5.1 includes a fix for this bug and a short-cut to unlock all features. Here's how to jump directly to the WordMix Genius level and unlock all of the features:

  1. Press the "i" button to bring up the preference screen
  2. set the top four preferences to OFF (Click Sound, Sound Effects, Allow Hints and Wrong Flyback to OFF)
  3. set Allow Hints to ON
  4. set Click Sound to ON
  5. set Wrong Flyback to ON
  6. set Wrong Flyback to OFF
  7. set Sound Effects to ON
  8. scroll down and press "Reset Unlocks" and press the red "Reset Unlocks" button that pops up.

These steps should make WordMix 1.5.1 unlock all of the features that took so long to earn.

Not Getting Updates

WordMix requires iOS 3.1.3 or higher to be installed on your iPhone or iPod Touch. If you have an earlier version, then iTunes will not offer you the latest version of WordMix.

Please email to report problems or ask questions.